January BLOG Post
January 15, 2019 Mike McLeland

January BLOG Post

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry the hyperlinks didn’t work in that last blog.  I won’t try that again.  Hopefully we will see a bunch of you at the rehab chapter meeting this Thursday at Baylor Scott and White, Frisco at 3PM.  I know we are having a meeting on stroke survivorship.

I hope everyone had a good holiday, and stayed well.

I was asked recently to update a gait belt module I had done (I believe mainly for non-licensed staff).  I did and also looked at the distribution.  I was wondering how other rehabs handle gait belts.  Are they mandatory?  Are assisted falls with no gait belts scrutinized?  Do you do education on hire, or periodically?

When I did the literature review I found little new information over the last five years.  I wasn’t really surprised.  One article stressed the need for assessment (by physical therapist or nurse) before unlicensed staff should use them.  Our facility would have individualized care guidelines for patients who could not or should not have a gait belt put on, not an assessment before you use them.  Anyway, I just thought this could be a conversation starter.

See you Thursday,

Cyndi Murphy

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