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July 19, 2019

Hello Fellow Rehabilitation Nurses,

There was a chapter meeting and board meeting yesterday at Baylor, Scott and White rehab downtown and Dr. Rita Hamilton spoke on SCI and sexuality.  She was funny and insightful and, of course, knowledgeable, and we appreciate her effort.  (She threw out some terms like PleasuAble, high frequency Ferticare, the Miami Project and an old video on YouTube on Sexuality and people with disabilities, so you know where to look if you missed this)  Missing meetings robs you of the information and the networking and the other members will miss your input and experiences.  Please plan, schedule, attend and participate.  Remember to note the dates for meetings and request them off from work.  The 2019- 2020 dates are all there on the website.

Paula wished us well and Gillian picked up the gavel as our new president.  I am delighted to say I will be staying on the board and presumably searching for blog topics for the foreseeable future.  Do you have opinions, new practices, problems or anything rehabilitation nurse related that you would like to discuss?  I would so much rather write about something of value to rehabilitation nurses.

Many of you have seen the “Save the Date” for the annual Dallas NE TX ARN Conference October 5 being held at Baylor, Scott and White Heart Hospital, downtown Dallas.  Bring cash because we’ll have some clever raffle baskets donated by board members or their facilities.  This morning course is 7am-12 and some participants may travel to the nearby Texas State Fair.  I believe it is inexpensive to use the Dart Line (State Fair Parking is exorbitant).  Certainly sounds like fun, mixing education with pleasure.  BARD will be providing our breakfast.  And for lunch you can buy Fried Ice Cream or your delicacy of choice.  Please share the Brochure you receive with management and your co-workers.  We would like a full house.  Thanks to the educational planning team for all their hard work.

Applications of NE TX ARN Chapter Educational scholarships for the national conference are due to be received by the board a few days prior to the September 19 chapter meeting (3pm, Encompass Health Care, Dallas).  The national educational (REACH) conference is November 6-9, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.  Requirements for the scholarship include attendance and contributions to the chapter.  See scholarship application.  And, if you are interested in getting involved in the Chapter and the great work we do, please address any questions to a board member.

I usually like to address a rehab related topic or two in each of these blogs.  We have been discussing the role of the rehabilitation nurse in advocating for people with disabilities.  I read this month about a validation study completed in 2017 at Wayne State University on the Lichtenberg Financial Decision Making Screening.  It was a fairly large study, comprising of 105 patients.  The goal of performing the screening is to prevent financial exploitation of people with disabilities or elderly with cognition issues.  This may be a relevant force in our own lives as it is often difficult to convince elderly parents or others that they need assistance.  So, look up this tool if you need something objective to measure the ability to manage personal finances.  It is so difficult to justify when some personal responsibility must be surrendered, and to convince the person with a disability to relinquish access to their assets.  Conversely, it may also confirm a patient’s assertion that they may remain financially able to manage their own affairs.

Some of you know I had been somewhat removed from the rehabilitation environment for a while, but I was introduced to “Impact” this week.  To me, this looks like a tool created in a space no rehab nurse had access to, my feeling was FIM amputated and put on its head.  I am sure that there was a reason for this, but it is hard to see it from this viewpoint.

For those of you interested in chronic muscle related disabilities I received a copy last month of “The Christopher Project: Report to the Myotonic Dystrophy Community”.  Outstanding information on a rare disease that is often difficult to recognize.  For your own copy please see www.christopherproject.org

Thank you for your attention, I really would like your input.

Cyndi Murphy MBA, RN, BC, SCRN